February 22


LIVE MUSIC | Annie Ford

The Annie Ford Band is a timeless blend of tough and tender songwriting. Showcasing talented and nuanced players on pedal steel, bass, sax, piano, drums and violin they mix compelling story-telling with dark Appalachian roots and modern genres like rock n roll, jazz, and dark country. Their sound will place you right outside of a rustic ghost-town, looking in as if from a distant keyhole. Their music will reach out to you like an old daguerreotype; it’s a cracked vision of the past that eerily taps into our modern age.

And they are playing in The Alley on February 22!!

If you haven't yet checked out our space, this is a great opportunity to catch some live music with your dinner + drinks. The Alley space is totally enclosed and climate controlled, fully decked out with fans, heaters, and ACs. Rain or shine, we'll be there!

THIS SHOW IS FREE, and requires absolutely no tickets or RSVP. Come in and see us Thursday (February 22) night at 8PM!


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